Torpia shut down

January 26, 2015 | 25 Comments

Torpia has been with us for a long time and it has been a great journey for a lot of players, but not for long.

Torpia is announced to be shut down.

Game still runs in Janurary, however, they'd like to give you a heads up that Torpia is being shut down, and as soon as the current rounds expire, their respective servers will be closed for good.
Torpia shut down

Why is Torpia shutting down?

There are various reasons, for example you can't run a game forever, there is an ending for everything, even for awesome strategy based browser games. Keep in mind that Topria is made by Upjers. There are many games made by Upjers and they see more potential in other games. The main reason is the lack of time. Game companies that develop browser games, they make new games from time to time, but that also means they have to let go of some games that do not have a high potential. For example if they made a game each month, that would mean 12 games in a year. Would it be easy to manage 12 games? NO, that's why you keep those that made it to the top and leave those that didn't make it.
If you would like to see other games made by Upjers, visit their official site: TORPIA.
Torpia had a good run and a good playerbase with nostalgic players who logged in daily, those loyal players will probably look into other games made by Upjers so give those new games a chance.

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