Battle Islands - Round 23

May 03, 2015 | 0 Comments

Battle Islands has been with us over 10 years now. In 2005 the first version of the game arrived and even then, the game had rounds. Now with each round the game improves and tweaks its settings. A lot has been changed and improved during those rounds and we hope to see even more rounds in the future.

Battle Islands game

What exactly is Battle Islands

Long story short Battle islands is an online strategy game that requires no download, simply a browser to play. Of course an internet connection is also needed. You can play in various islands and in several ages. Game has to offer you 5 different ages and in the fifth age, also known as the modern age, you will receive five assignment tasks. Winner will be the one who finishes these assignments before others. The is not the only way the game works, start playing and you can find out about the other way.

How do rounds start

You find yourself having nine pieces of the island and you start creating buildings, you may also attack other lands to expand. Players can also capture land, which has been raided by barbarians on every single island. Every building you create has it's own purpose and you can upgrade a building so it would be more profitable for you. You start from stone age and advance as fast as you can. Each next age has something different to offer and makes it very interesting to play.

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