BattleKnight players demand changes

June 14, 2015 | 1 Comments

BattleKnightPlayers of BattleKnight are not okay with Gameforge moderators. Lots of players have ideas and bugs to report, the problem is that moderators do not listen. Gameforge is a huge gaming development company and is all about the profit of the game, rather than the the players and gameplay, at least so it seems.�Overall BattleKnight is losing players one by one, the players activity has been decreasing for the past year now.�There are many bugs in the game that have been bothering players for years now, but nothing has been done, although these bugs have been reported.�The funny thing is, premium ingame stuff that generates them profit, gets fixed and tweaked regularly. So if the bug or issue will not profit them, they probably won't waste their time. That could also be the main reason that players are leaving. This game won't survive for much long if Gameforge does not change the way they handle suggestions and player support.

What happened to BattleKnight

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Lately the game has almost no updates, not even fresh content, on top of that all suggestions and bugs are ignored. What happened is the fact that they reached a lot of players and now they are trying to profit as much as they can. This is not a very big news flash as they do it with every game. They start by creating a new browser game, a very neat and good-looking game, they make it popular, provide good support. But then it all changes, they stop supporting, stop giving fresh content and only reach for profits. It's is nothing to be surprised about really, Gameforge is a huge company and business is business. Most of the players have stopped buying premium items until Gameforge changes its attitude, lets hope this works.

Solution to the chaos

The best suggestion we can give you is that you should rather help smaller games, spend your money there, rather than supporting huge companies like Gameforge. Find a new browser game that is not popular yet, support the game. Such small games usually have a very friendly community and active developers and game moderators who listen to all players and their suggestions as well as bug reports.

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