Blades of Legends update pack

April 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

Daily Rankings Leaderboard added, daily efforts will be honored and rewarded! Up to 250 mithril will be rewarded for the top 25 Kill Counts and Tradeskill Attempt Counts. Mithril will be automatically handed out few seconds before midnight (game server time) and will be monitored over the next few days to make sure that the job is generating correctly.

Market updates

  • Reaching market in the middle of a battle or tradeskilling is not impossible. It was actually intended to be like that in the first place.

  • Several market security updates have been implemented like better logging and better listing transactionality.

  • Performance increase while creating listings. This goes for all market Tabs other than Items.

Bug fixes

  • Player inventory performance upgrades.

  • Your username is colored green on each Daily Rankings board to help you find your ranking more easily (refresh needed).

  • If you tried to fight a boss while tradeskilling or battling, you would get a message that your boss was dead. As of now, you are prompted to stop battling or tradeskilling while attempting to fight a boss.

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