Blood Wars balancing and updates

June 07, 2015 | 0 Comments

Blood Wars RPGOne of the most violent and unique artwork for a vampire browser game you can find, this is Blood Wars. Administration team of Blood Wars have been steadily working on the game. Lets find out where their efforts and time has gone. Lots of changes have been done and a lot more is to come. This is only good, shows how active the game development really is. Some people are experiencing difficulties with powerful enchantments. But no worries, testers are testing everything out and it will be settled soon. There is also a new level where you play without HP regeneration. Don't get too frightened, you still get to start again from the last completed level if you die. For some successfully completed levels, there are special rewards given to you.

Underworld range weapons

Underworld will get new ranged weapons that will increase their effects against various monsters. Ranged weapons are throwing knives, bows etc. They will have different rate of fire and other attributes. Critical chance increases, ignoring monsters defense and more.

Blood Wars vampire

Clans balancing

While dealing with other problems, admins have also noticed a slow change in the clan rankings. Since the ranking points amounts are small, changes in the rankings list are also small. Now you can only guess what they changes, yes - they increased the number of rankings points gained. This means that ranking positions for clans will change more often, giving players more action. There has also been a seasonal points balancing for clans. The old system has been replaced with a new points calculation system that will take player activity into a count.

Summary of other updates

There will be Runes and an extra expedition map. They have been working on new monsters and a rune system. This could take half a year to get finished, but it will be worth the wait. Their main priority is working on Blood Wars new patch so any issued you have regarding bugs that bother you, PM the ingame team.

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