Why browser gaming is getting more popular

November 19, 2015 | 6 Comments

Browser gaming 2016

Gaming is something the mankind has loved since ages, so what if we have become a bit occupied in our day to day lives; we still got the flair to catch up with the computer gaming mode. Yeah! These addictive web based RPGs have really made our lives a bit more interesting. Software games have always been more popular than browser games, but it is predicted that this could change in 2016.

The concept of browser gaming

Games directly played inside you browser are called browser games. To enjoy them you actually do not need any software to be installed in your system, rather play it directly with just an internet connection. Basically it's what you can call as "social gaming", which makes you play in a collaborative fashion. The best part about browser games is that they make you part of the community, almost never can you see a browser game that is only using single-player mode. In addition they are compatible for every device so there stands no point of arguing.

How can they beat software games?

No need to use your keyboard, very social, don't consume too much of your time - these are only few positive ways to describe them. For instance, you don't require shooting with a mouse or driving with your key board, just grab your mouse and start clicking. You can easily invite your friends to play with you in a single click aka the referral system where you actually get bonuses for each friend you invite. Socializing will be the key to success in 2016 and with that, browser games have a chance to dominate any other genre. There are more and more huge browser gaming companies being formed as they clearly see the potential.

Strong points

  • You don't need to install loads of applications to play browser games.

  • Focus on socializing with other players.

  • Playable via your mobile or tablet while away from your PC.

  • Don't require too much time investment.

  • Very low requirements to play

Different browser game genres

There are different categories into which the browser games fit into. Basically the browser games can be divided into five types:
Strategy games - These games test decision making skills of the player.
Role-playing games - Players usually take up one role or character and advance the stats and grow in rankinks.
Manager games - Usually based on a sport or testing your economical skills.
Fantasy games - usually popular monster niches likes vampires and werewolves.
Science fiction - Advanced technology and usually involving maintaining your planets and invading others.

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