Clicking based incremental games 2019

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Hero Simulator

Hero Simulator

Hero Simulator is an addictive idle game. The basic job is to train your hero, Folcard. Hero Simulator is all about collecting gold and getting honor. As a newbie, there are only houseware crafting, ingredients harvesting and ore mining available. Clicking on these activities allows you to earn gold, increase your honor and gain levels. The more gold and honor you have, the bigger choices you have.

Hero section is a great place to keep an eye on your current level and class. Make sure, how much more experience you need to level up. Be aware of the requirements to upgrade a class. Hero section includes general information such as gold/honor earned, completed quests, animals, weapons, hero spirits, and so on.

Joining guilds helps you to get new quests. Each guild contains various requirements. Royal Guild is the last guild that has the biggest requirements. You can join a Royal Guild as you've reached level 50, you have joined all the other guilds and you have 30T gold and honor.

In the shop you can purchase equipment like steel sword, silver axe, armor, and so forth. Each weapon gives you certain amount of honor. In the shop you could also buy animals to increase your honor. As a beginner, you are able to get yourself a dog, horse or a goblin servant.

Bonfire incremental game

Bonfire Idle

Bonfire Idle is a fun idle game with CO2 production. At first you have to click on the fire and produce CO2 on your own. Produced CO2 amount can be used to purchase different idles to use an automatic producing. The list of idles includes leaves, branches, books, firewood, coals, brickets, pine tree and much more. More expensive idles can produce CO2 faster.

There's a clicking section where you can produce more CO2 with less clicks. For instance, you can buy matches that increase CO2 per click. Matches also increase the temperature of the fire. High temperature is useful, because temperature multiplies CO2 production. There's an opportunity to use lighter fluid which adds more clicking power.

You can take a look at special offerings which have advantages. There are special items (axe, saw, chain saw) that increase the effectiveness of wood. Dynamite, on the other hand, increases the effectiveness of coals. The specials selection also contains weed, but it doesn't affect anything. The most expensive special item is nuclear reactor which can be used after your CO2 production is around 10B.

Statistics includes the information about your current and general situation. You could find out how many upgrades you have bought, how many clicks you have done, what is your current CO2 amount, what is your highest temperature, and so forth. You can also keep an eye on your achievements. Have fun with this never-ending idle game.

Undead Clicker idle game

Undead Clicker

Undead Clicker is so far the best incremental game of 2019, similar to Clicker Heroes. Kill monsters manually and hire heroes to kill monsters automatically. Killing monsters allows you to earn coins. Defeat big bosses to receive crystals. Hire more useful heroes and upgrade them, so they could give you more benefits. If you want to kill monsters on your own, you can increase the click damage and damage per second (DPS).

In Buff section you can find great features. Rebirth allows you to start the game over, but stronger. You are able to keep your items, but heroes� stats will be gone. Rebirth gives you additional keys which can be used to reach further. In Buff section you can also increase click damage, critical click, treasure chest appearance and more.

Collect crystals to be able to use items. Take advantage of a Fairy�s Necklace, so gold would drop more often. If you�re going to resurrect, make sure to purchase a Fairy�s Pendant to receive more additional keys. Item section also includes Fairy�s Ring which increases damage per second for half an hour.

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