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Therian Saga, made by GameForge is a new empire building RPG. For a browser game it has amazing visual images and artwork. At the moment the game does require Microsoft Silverlight plug-in to be installed in order to actually play it. Not the best way to start off a new game, but everything else about the game is positive.

Multiple accounting

You know when most games ban you when you use multiple accounts. Well this game is not one of them. You can actually run multiple sessions and it makes the loadings easier to bare. For example if you are crafting with one account and waiting for the timer to finish, you can use another account to explore. Your accounts actions are limited by energy. To refill energy, you can use potions or take a nap(rest).


You can move in the map by clicking on a map. You do need to wait some time to get from point A to point B. Now exploring the map is a little different feature and it will also consume a little bit of energy. Exploring is not from point A to B, it's from point A to B to A. If you send your unit to explore somewhere, your unit will go there, hunt there or gather resources and come back to the starting point.

Therian Saga review


Combat is not fully automated, you will need to click for every round of an attack you make. You can also choose the position of your companions. There is also the option to flee mid-battle when you realize that there is no way you could win the battle. Your health will still be low, even if you flee and end the battle. But you can sleep to regain your health. Of course that will make the timer appear and you will have to wait.

Therian Saga Attacking


Very interesting aspect of the game, you can add elements to your items. The more your craft, the better crafter you will be. Later on you can unlock more crafting possibilities. For crafting you obviously need materials. When you create your account, you are given a lot of free items and some are crafting items so don't trash them, because crafting is an important part to advance through the game. It does take a lot of time, but if you combine crafting with multi-accounting, it won't be a problem.

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