Corporation in Distress launching in April

March 17, 2016 | 0 Comments

Simformer Business Cup 2016

Corporation in Distress is the 2nd part of Simformer Business Cup 2016 that start's in the beginning of April. Corporation in Distress is an online strategy game that focuses on giving knowledge to the players. You will learn how to act during a crisis, how to be a leader and learn more about strategy itself. This game is meant for academics, individuals and professionals. Game concept is based on Simformer Business Simulation a powerful multi-user platform where thousands of participants around the world create a unique ecosystem and the need to make decisions in challenging situations. You will compete against other people and manage realistic company problems and decisions. Usually you would expect the game to be full of NPC's who are basically coded into the game, but this is not the case here. In-game Business partners, various customers, product suppliers, your competitors - all are actual real people who play the game just like you do. Sign up and form a team of maxiumum 5 people. Start your online business and choose the roles of your team members. Work together and compete against other teams.

In short - "Corporation in Distress" puts you into very realistic situations that you would encounter while starting and maintaining your own company. Free to play in the beginning of April.

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