Text based browser game creating tutorial

November 28, 2014 | 2 Comments

Text based browser game tutorial

Many people have asked me "How to create a text based browser game". That's why i created a tutorial for you. Mostly people want to create an online role playing game. Game where you register and simply play. Tutorial is for both groups of people.
1) for those who know how to PHP programming.
2) those who do not know how to program an online browser game theirselves.

The first tutorial will be for medium difficulty. You won't need much programming knowledge here. Later on i will publish a PHP tutorial to create a game. But PHP tutorial is for later and more advanced browser games.

And don't use too easy path for yourself, for example Online Mafia Creator. This won't do you any good.

It's better to start these things the correct way from the beginning.


1) Text based browser game frameworks. Premium, not free.

There are many good modern frameworks available for just a few bucks.

Ofcourse you can create everything on your own, but that time really does not pay off as you would think.

It's good to put something up rather than just having a good idea. Because usually those good ideas will stay as ideas. Just create something and you can always upgrade it's functionality and design.

Here is a good browser game framework:

Every premium text based browser game framework comes with it's specific tutorial how to set it up. You need a domain name and a database. The rest you can figure out from your framework specific tutorial.

Now if you don't want to spent money on premium frameworks you can get yourself a free framework. If you do then it means no support awful design. Usually few bugs may occur, since it's free.


2) Create a logo for your text based browser game. Yes, it's free.

You don't need to download anything. Do it online and simply download the image when finished.


3) Put your game in browser game listing websites. For popularity.

You can start from this website. Usually listings like these will ask money for advertising. This current website does not ask money for advertising. Just contact us and we will add the game for you. If you like you can create the description text yourself.

Another good solution for more new players is social media, try creating posts about your game and publish them as much as you can.

4) Create a browser game with others

There are some good ways to create a browser game with some developers. If you idea is good and they like it, they will do it for you and the game income will be split equally between you. If this is what you are looking for, check out a this post about creating a browser game with a partner.

Good luck! Keep in mind that you might want to keep things fresh. Don't do like every other game does. Think about user experiences that you have never seen before and which would dazzle players minds! Start by looking into other browser games.

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