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May 09, 2017 | 13 Comments Open Alpha

Ever wished you had a Destiny game on the go? Are you a fan of light-weight text RPG's? This is an attempt to make something fun set in the world of Destiny that you can play on the go. A time-killer, with the same loot-hunting goodness you expect from the real game. Destiny RPG will emulate Destiny, with it's own twists and gameplay choices, but fans of Destiny should feel right at home. Destiny RPG is currently running in an open-Alpha state while more is being added to the game. We expect to be in Alpha another couple months followed by a Beta. However, wish our use of Generations, there will be no resets, so get on and start playing today!

DestinyRPG - mobile friendly online game

How does the game work?

The way this game works is that multiple players are in the game battling enemies at the same time. Patrolling and killing enemies will get you XP, Glimmer and Loot. Enemies spawn in different locations at different times. As you get stronger and have more Glimmer, you can buy Jumpships to get to new locations.

DestinyRPG ingame

Is it completely free?

Yes, completely. There will never be any form of payment or micro-transactions here. Destiny RPG will never, ever be Pay-to-win.

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13 comments on “ Open Alpha!

  • Gravatar image for Adam Mohamed Adam Mohamed says:

    Hello, I believe this game does not work anymore as the website to actually play the game, refuses to connect. While I understand that not many people probably play the game anymore, this is annoying since as of March 22, 2020, have recently discovered this game, wont be able to try it for now.

  • Gravatar image for Matthew Matthew says:

    Hi, I have a question! how do we get access to our alpha guardians in the app? I want to continue with my original guardian but it makes me create a new one.

    • Gravatar image for quenster quenster says:

      Alpha guardians are not playable on Alpha2 due to the reset. It's on your guardians list just for references only. You need to start fresh, creating a new guardian. Go for it, it's worth it. Alpha2 is more fun and addicted than before.

  • Gravatar image for smoof smoof says:

    You don't have to have a "pay to win" system in order to maintain a game. There are backers of the game that help keep it alive.

  • Gravatar image for Cleric Cleric says:

    clicker browser game
    but not mindlessly clicking there are options
    you can grind or play casual, always a progress
    alpha but has enough contents to keep you going
    has nice art
    worth a try

  • Gravatar image for Charles Smith Charles Smith says:

    Fun game to play with a great community. Quick paced, no stamina limitations. It runs very close the actual game. In about the 8th week of dev and the progress is incredible. Come check us out.

  • Gravatar image for T3h MC N3ss T3h MC N3ss says:

    It is supported by supporters. Great game to play on the go. Highly addictive.

  • Gravatar image for Rino Rino says:

    no pay to win, so how do they maintain the game? :O

    • Gravatar image for HBTech HBTech says:

      The Developer spends his time coding the game and others, as it's his hobby. He relies on Patreon supporters to cover server costs and such.

    • Gravatar image for Firestream Firestream says:

      Hey I'm the dev and I use patreon to pay the bills!

    • Gravatar image for kegonomics kegonomics says:

      The game is maintained via Patreon supporters directly to the developer (Firestream). Patreon supporters get extra cosmetic options based on their donation tier.

    • Gravatar image for Prezenith Prezenith says:

      The developer is supported by patreon supporters to pay for server costs.

    • Gravatar image for Firestream Firestream says:

      Hey there I'm the dev. I'm currently using Patreon to pay my bills.