Elvenar - Beta rebalancing

April 26, 2015 | 8 Comments

Beta Elvenar


To balance the two main races (Humans and Elves), Research Tree had its technologies re-ordered.

New features

A minor fix in the chat system. Group conversations in the "messages" menu are now easier to notice since you couldn't really see the difference in the earlier version.


  • When you move across the main "World Map", you will no longer experience the buggy loading it had. Also the map used to completely freeze up when visiting "Provinces" or neighboring cities, should be fine now.

  • Some visual artwork changes (images).

  • Defense system calculated a wrong value in some cases.

  • Residences description is modified.

  • If you hover portraits of Quest Givers, the text will fit correctly in the tool-tips area.

  • If you were in the "Province", it was possible to click the "Navigate to Scout" icon. This was not meant to be like that and has been fixed.

  • Research the Steel Manufactory quest for Elves had wrong objectives description.

  • Auto Fighting - After having cleared a Province, progress used to display incorrectly


  • Multiple text related errors are fixed.

  • Game load time and speed has been optimized.

  • Unite renaming Long Ranged > Heavy Ranged - It simply describes the unit better.

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