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May 08, 2015 | 0 Comments

There are three totally new cards and two cards which are actually re-editions of older cards. Let's take a look at these rare and uncommon cards, that were added/renewed. New players may encounter the following cards at the "Newcomers Booster".

Eredan Kitsana Kitsana card is uncommon. +1 Spirit or your mages till the game ends. After every Distorted "Flawseeker" or "The Flawseeker's Meditation" activation, Kitsana will gain 2 HP. If the game has Turns 5 or even less, then Kitsana and her opponent could not be healed in battles.

Distorted Flawseeker
Distorted flawseeker is a rare war spell. You can activate this card on your character and if you do, your opponent will suffer 1 damage. You can use more than one at the same time.

Kamakura is an uncommon card, that has a duration of 3 turns. While it's active, it gives +1 bonus Spirit. Every time "The Flawseeker's..." card is used, the opposing Item attached to a character will be deactivated.

The Flawseekers ProtectionThe Flawseeker's Protection card is an uncommon permanent action card. It will attach to the character who is not currently using the card. +2 defense points for the holder (if Kotoba).

The Flawseekers MasteryThe Flawseeker's Mastery is an uncommon war spell. It will deal SOME magical damage points to opponent where SOME equals your character's Spirit (+2 other in-use "The Flawseeker's..." cards).

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