Galactic sneak peak - Interview with developer

April 17, 2017 | 24 Comments

Galactic sneak peak

We are glad to announce that there is a brand new game coming up! The developer has reached out to us in hope of spreading the word for Galactic. Once we saw the game UI ourselves we got really interested since it looks unique and modern, on top of that, the gameplay looks intriguing. We have interviewed Ryan Jennings to see if we could get some answers out of him about this new Sci-Fi browser game that he's developing. Luckily he has answered all of our questions and is very determined to go through with the game. Check out the answers below to get a sneak peak of the new game called Galactic.

Interview with Galactic developer


Where did the "Galactic" name came from?
I thought of the name simply from thinking of space type words and the beastie boy song intergalactic, it had a nice ring to it and was super simple. I then played around with logos and realized I could turn the word into a rocket type shape with very little effort in Photoshop :).

What is the game about?
You're a pilot flying around the galaxy in your ship. Trade goods to become wealthy, fight other players to become notorious, create an alliance to become a leader and raid ports to become a strategist. Combine them all with friends to become Galactic.
Where it came from: I used to play a game called TDZK around the year 2000. The game got me hooked and I played multiple rounds with friends and setup an alliance. We pooled our resources so we could afford semi decent ships and set about fighting other alliances in the game trying to compete to be top kills. We weren't the best by far but we held our own. Part of the inspiration comes from this. After I stopped playing TDZK I moved to Eve Online and enjoyed it for a good 6 years. A lot of Eve was familiar from TDZK but with a lot more to it and a huge player base. I'm aiming for Galactic to be a combination of the two.

How is it any different from other SciFI browser games?
I find most other browser text-based sci-fi games are usually based around galaxy domination. Managing your fleet from a kind of top down view and strategising. This game puts you in the pilot seat. You're not the invisible hand, you are you. And what you do, or don't, effects your game directly.

Could you tell us more about yourself?
My name is Ryan, I'm 29 (Soon to be 30!) and from the UK. I've been a commercial full-time developer for 7 years now, involved with a range of projects from financial banking tax income systems to mobile app design and development. I have experience all the way from server configuration to mobile ui design. I started web development at a young age creating clan websites for me and my friends in counter-strike 1.6 and later creating forums and kill-boards for my corporations in Eve. Eventually this lead to me moving into the development world full-time and I haven't managed to escape it yet!

How far is the development?
So far I've created the galaxy generator, user registration/login, the UI, player movement & docking. I started around 3 weeks ago and spent some of that time being addicted to Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm starting a development video blog to track my progress and keep people updated as to how the game is coming along. Check out the Galactic Facebook page and my youtube videos to keep track of my progress.

When are you planning the first launch?
I'm planning on putting out an alpha at the end of May. This will simply be the core trading mechanics of the game as I want to get the foundations correct and build from there. I want Galactic trading to make you feel like you're Hans Solo (Or better yet Mal, if you know, you know) smuggling all sorts of luxury or illegal goods other people want to take from you. Not just a stepping stone to combat.

Will Galactic be supported for mobile devices?
The game won't be designed with mobile in mind, it will be desktop focused. To me there's just too much on the screen to fit into a mobile game without losing the beauty of it or dumbing it down, which I definitely don't want to do. However once the game is running I'm not ruling out an app that allows you do management type actions within the game, such as managing your alliance.

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