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With so many game genres around, deciding on the right style for your gaming experience can be challenging. You can probably find a lot of quizzes over the Internet, but the general idea is even simpler. If you like a game, go for it. If you are not sure, just check some game play videos online and decide later. However, it seems that you can also tell a little about people who enjoy a particular genre. According to most psychologists, there are particular personality traits associated with your favorite genre. In other words, there is a common association between someone's behaviorism and genre selection. So, what style matches you the most?

Your personality will determine the game genres you like

Different people start out with various predispositions. They are completely natural. Some people have fast twitch fiber muscles, so their movements are explosive. They are agile and strong. On the other hand, some people have an amazing color sensitivity, not to mention the ones with fast reaction times. On a different note, it is not such a good idea to work on something that you feel bad at or dislike. Instead, it feels better to just focus on something that you feel good at. It is obvious that odds are pretty high in terms of getting external validation and successful results if you go with what you like.

Sports Games and Relaxation

Sports games are quite diversified. Basically, you can play pretty much any sport from behind a monitor. Sure, each of them implies getting some strategies and developing some tactics. You need to arrange players, come up with different attack techniques, as well as some defense. But then, these things are quite general. You cannot really reinvent the wheel in this industry. Apart from becoming more and more realistic, these sports games are mostly recommended to those who like to relax or just kill their time. At some point or another, they become part of a routine, so most people quit them or advance. Currently one of the more popular sport browser game is ManagerLeague.

Strategy Games and IQ

Strategy games are different. No matter what type of strategy game you play through the browser, chances are you have a pretty high IQ. Basically, strategy games are more appealing to those with a high IQ because they imply developing strategies, testing decisions and thinking in advance. Chess, for example, is rated to be a strategy game as well, even if it is not so common in browser games. But then, any kind of strategy game can work on your skills. With these ideas in mind, these games are not always for relaxation. Sometimes, they might get quite intense and exhausting � from a psychical point of view.

Role Playing Games and Socialization

If you are the social type who likes to make friends and talks to strangers out of nowhere, there is a pretty good chance to be seriously attracted by role playing games. There are plenty of them available over the Internet, so there is no way to fail in finding suitable game genres. Role playing games are available in teams, but also on your own. Anyhow, they mostly focus on teaming people together and raising the spirit of socialization. Players often like to create alliances and tactics together, so the level of social interaction is quite high � whether players become friends or enemies in game.

Shooting Games and Action

Shooting games are active and entertaining. They are not as diversified as role playing games or strategy games though. However, they imply a high level of awareness, as well a the capability to come up with quick solutions if any unexpected situations arise. These considerations make them ideal for those who have good reaction times and speedy fingers. Quick decision making is also a good skill you might develop while playing shooters, yet online browser games are not always as sophisticated as the ones released by large game developers. Instead, the general idea is pretty simple � kill everything that moves.


As a short final conclusion, what game genres for some people will not work for everyone. Sure, you are free to try out each genre out there. But then, these are only some natural predispositions. Based on your �features�, you are better at particular games. On the same note, your favorite genre can also tell a lot about you.

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