Heroes RPG too high drop rate

August 03, 2015 | 0 Comments

Bad drop rateThe drop rate for lotto tickets has been unfortunately way too high. Not to mention that they have been dropping for also way too long. These two mistakes will be fixed with the help of Heroes RPG players. Since there are too many lotto tickets now, administrators came up with 3 ideas how to fix this dilemma.

These are the 3 options players can choose from. Only one of these options will be used after the voting period is over.

1. Lotto tickets amount divided by 10 and rounded up. Drawing guarantees a fair prize.
2. Same prizes as mentioned above, but not all tickets get the prize.
3. Smaller prizes, but total amount of prizes will not be reduced. Losing tickets get a smaller price.

Currently the most popular answer is the first one.

If you have a different opinion and you own a lotto ticket, then make sure to write your answer into their forum thread under "Announcements" category.

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