How to play Browser Games on mobile?

February 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

mobile friendly browser games

The growth of mobile gamers has put a concern on browser game developers. This is a good thing for players who are looking to play browser games on their mobile devices or even tablets. A browser game that can be played on a mobile needs to respond to the screen size of the player's device. This is what is called a Responsive Design of the game website layout. Besides text based games, there are many other games online as well so sign up at jackpotjoy to find out more. If you starting to play a new browser game, first make sure you can play it in a mobile device as well. Sure you might play most of the time at home on your PC, but think of the times you want to log into the game from a bus stop or somewhere remote. Before deciding for sure that you are going to spend a lot of time playing a certain game, simply log in and quickly check if the game is responsive or not. You can also use our "Responsive" filter in our Browser Games category to make this job a lot easier for you.

How do developers make their games mobile friendly?

This is mostly done by using a different approach when building your game layout. Instead of telling the game layout to be exactly 1000px wide (pixel is a unit of measurement when creating websites), you simply tell it to be 100% wide. This now means that it doesn't matter if you visit the page on a very small screen, it will try to adjust everything in it to fit your screen. This comes with a lot of other adjustments as well and takes a lot of time to complete, but there are game layout themes which are already responsive so developers can focus on the game itself. Now if you have an established game that needs to be made responsive - that sure is a lot of work!

The best mobile friendly TBBG

ArmyGrid compared to most Text Based Browser Games is a rather unique one that includes a map builder, chess and real time strategy aspects. Move chess pieces across the map to conquer and expand. In order to protect your existing territory, upgrade defense towers and walls. It has been built to support mobile phones from the very beginning of the development.

Insanely popular Mafia Returns has not ignored the responsive trend due to the fact that they always take community suggestions seriously. Always implementing the player's needs and constantly looking ways to outgrow their competition. The moment you stop expanding and polishing your game is when you lose to your competition and Mafia Returns knows that!

vManager - Football/Soccer manager game which allows you to go check on how your team is going using any device you desire, except for a microwave - yet. Managing your team requires a lot of decisions which have to be made exactly on the right time, the developers know that and have implemented the mobile friendly support into the game.

All the games above can be found at our Browser Games category, simply put the name into our search bar and start playing! Mobile gamers are blessed that many developers have made their games responsive and you can find a bunch of responsive browser games right here without having to check them all one by one.

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