Idle clicker games

January 28, 2015 | 2 Comments

Recent popularity for idle clicker games is no mystery. They are addictive and most are even continuous, meaning you can start where you left of yesterday. Idle clicker games do not involve lot of user action, it's more based on time and upgrading the right features at the right time.
Clicker idle games

Top 10 clicker games

1) Poop Clicker
2) Clicker heroes
3) Learn to fly
4) Cookie clicker
5) Idle mining
6) Tangerine Tycoon
7) Pizza Pusher
8) Idle Farmer
9) Idle Evolution
10) Idle Web Tycoon
11) EXTRA idle game: Idleplex

How did idle clicker games get popular?

Simple really, it's because they are time-wasters. Players are usually bored and need a game they can play from time to time. Ofcourse it helps that these clicker games or idle games are so addictive. Most of them even save game system so when play it again some day, you start where you left of. Cookie Clicker was the most popular idle game, but the table has turned. We have listed the most popular and best idle games in our listing.

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