Ikariam new version changelog

May 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

New changes with the new version of Ikariam. The list is long and may contain even more updates, but the most important ones are listed right here. Keep in mind that some new features are subject to a change for more balanced state.

Ikariam medieval strategy

Features and modifications

  • Newly registered users are given a further quest before completing the beginners tutorials.

  • Fresh players can have daily gifts from town hall square for a whole week.

  • New "Community feature" a tree icon in the friends list shows when your friends are using the "vacation" state.

  • Screens are now auto-refreshed when any kind of loading is complete. In case loading is interrupted, the trade ships number which was required for goods will set sail and mercenary transporters will be loaded before anything else.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a tutorial's helping hand positioning.

  • Wrong number of trading ships displayed on "accept offer" screen when bought units for gold on the same island.

  • Town/Port occupation did not resolve as long as returning troops were still on the move.

  • During town pillage, a button called "Accelerate loading process" was removed.

  • Sorting and Search arguments will be saved again at trading post.

  • Factions wars had wrong resolutions.

  • When someone is applying to alliance, only the home secretary of the alliance will see the notice about that.

  • Transport screen, help, town hall and resources page "back" button has been fixed.

  • Wrong goods value during some cases of purchasing them.

  • Minor town battle displaying fixes.
  • Menu was closed when clicked on an empty scroll-bar area.

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