Ikariam War Server

July 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

Ikariam has launched a brand new War Server that allows you to level up faster than ever. This new server has lots of unusual options switched ON. This server is already on and you can already play there. This will last for 5 months till 6th December.

Ikariam Fast Server

War server advantages

This is like a private server of Ikariam so you can forget your usual slow gameplay.

  • No slow loading times - Less waiting, more action.

  • Fast retreat speed - When you are under attack.

  • Spies and training - 3 times less waiting.

  • Plundering - This also means faster resource gathering.

  • Population - Your population will grow faster.

  • Miracles - Faster cooldown.

  • Morale - Switched OFF.

  • Gold - Plundering gold is switched ON.

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