Illyriad app now at Firefox Markeplace

July 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

There is now an Illyriad 2.02 Desktop version available at Firefox Marketplace. Installation does not cost anything for the players, it was simply made for marketing reasons and better user experience. View the APP.

Illyriad Resoures

Players feedback on the latest update

On the other subject, there has been an update that many players are against. There was an old rule where last city's were to destroyed then it would not lose any resources whatsoever. They have changed it without a warning, players do lose resources now. When you start in a new city, you will now notice that you won't get the resources you used to have. A lot of negative feedback on that matter has posted all over the Illyriad forum threads. Many long-term players have quit the game because of this simple update. They say it's not the update itself that mattered, it was how they handled it without involving players.

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