Immortal day ancient secret

April 29, 2015 | 1 Comments

Let's take a closer look at the most recent Immortal Day announcement that will spice up your gameplay a little bit. Not restricted to some players and not premium, everyone in the community can take part of it.

Immortal Attack Souls

Secret about Souls revealed

The Ancients have moved Souls for ages, with little secret ways. Lately we've discovered one of the most widely used methods for that. With the changes in the way the Immortal community use and get Souls brought about by both the Soul Collector and the Ancients, we think it's time to reveal one of their secret for storing and moving Souls.

Cache Access Codes

The ancients have Soul Caches in some cities. We found out about their locations and even made them available to the whole community. They are not that hard to find, once you pay attention. Simply explore the right cities to find them. Cache Access Codes required to gain access and codes change frequently.

The good news is that we have an inside guy, who will tell us the codes, but he can't just simply hand them out to everyone to avoid suspicion. For him to pass along these codes we have set up an Assignment Reward Distribution, where he works (as a cover). If assignments are completed, he can hand you over the current Access Codes.

Stealing Souls from the Ancients

If you have obtained the codes, only then you can try to steal Souls from the Ancients. Each time you try to steal Souls, it will cost you Cunning. The more assignments you do, the more Access Codes you can get, Good luck!

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