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April 27, 2015 | 4 Comments

Idle games list

Idle games can also be called incremental games and other simply prefer clicking games. Such games require a lot of cursor clicking to advance, but are a lot of fun. You can take a look at the latest popular ones at Incremental games list.

Why choose Incremental games?

That's quite simple, they are simply addictive. The best part is that the game advances and gains stats without you doing anything, simply waiting will do the job. Now that is as easy how it gets, all you do is choose the upgrades you want and wait for win. Clicking, upgrading and idling till infinity - this is what idle games are all about. At first seems quite lazy, but these games require you to make the best decisions or else you are going to be stuck in one point for a while.

How are they different from TBBG?

First of all, TBBG stands for Text-based browser games. The difference is that idle games usually have very few options compared to text based role playing games. There is also no user login/registering and usually you can save in some idle games, but mostly it stores information in your browser and you may lose all your achievements if you empty your browser's cache. Another main reason is that idle games don't support multiplayer.

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