Infamous Wars closed after 11 years

May 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

Infamous Wars shut down

The owner of Infamous Wars announced that the game has been shut down after 11 years. The reason behind the shut down is not enough funding and the decreasing community. Games like Infamous Wars have a very high competition rate and some games are just pushed down. Game itself was given very high rating from the players and the feedback was always positive.

What was Infamous Wars about?

Infamous Wars is a hacking based online browser game, keeping a classy text based feel without fancy effects or images. While making an account, the game�s system will choose your account type between �Hackers� and �Police� side. As a new player you are rewarded with a Welcome Pack that contains money, gold, points, prison keys and even 15 days of donator status. If you�ve played crime based text games then you know the drill, get experience via crimes, attacks etc and watch our for your Health and Energy. Get achievements, climb the rankings and earn wealth in this online hacking based RPG.

In-game screenshot

Infamous Wars police

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