Iron Realms hiring paid producer for Aetolia

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aetolia hiring paid producer - Iron Realms

Iron Realms Entertainment's CEO, Matt is looking for a new Producer for Aetolia, which is their 2nd-oldest MUD-type browser game. You would be responsable for running Aetolia, although in-game paid content and campaigns are taken care of by Iron Realms. You would be working together with other staff members and community volunteers. You'd be the visible face of Aetolia, which means you need to communicate with players as well so this is a good position for someone with the necessary skills and who loves MUD-type games as well.

Aetolia producer requirements

1) You need to own or work on a MUD-type game that on average has over 30 players online. Even if you don't, then this requirement is not a "MUST BE", it can be compromised. But having experience in that field is required.

2) Must be into MUD-type games long-term and you should be familiar with Aetolia. This should be your professional life's focus as well, not like working full-time at another field and doing this part-time, it wouldn't work.

3) Need to know how to code (C-language). This doesn't mean that you will need to code 24/7, no - this means you just need to understand how the system works. Code issues are usually taken care of by other Iron Realms's staff members.

4) Show your creativity. This doesn't mean just throwing around ideas, your job would be to implement those ideas.

5) Be a people person. Haha, I get it, we're MUDers and sit behind a wall of text. But this does matter, as it does with any position where you're managing other human beings.

6) Self-motivation required because you'd be working from home, no mandatory working hours, but if you start slacking it won't go unnoticed. You'll determine who (including yourself) works on what. The only mandatory 'be here now.' is the weekly all-hands meeting on Slack.

7) Be familiar with Aetolia or even other IRE MUDs. This would be great, but it's definitely not a firm requirement. It would make the ramp-up period much shorter though.


Expect it to be around $30-36k, but of course it depends on the candidate and their qualifications, plus there are bonuses based on game performance.

Still interested?

Send an email to [email protected] with subject "Aetolia Producer". NB! This is important, get the e-mail subject right or your e-mail will be ignored.

Email must contain:
1) Your full name.
2) Your location.
3) Your resume.
4) Your MUD-type games experience.
5) Your coding experience.
6) Your experience regarding designing game systems.
7) Your reason to want the Aetolia's producer position.
8) Anything you can add to make us feel like you are the own we should trust with Aetolia.

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