It's all about control, do you have it?

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The breakdown

Flight of Dragons gameAniari is made up of thirteen different areas or cities, the primary being Sanctuary. Each
of these cities will now be controlled by a "Ruling" Talon, with the exception of Sanctuary which
will always be controlled by the Council.

Each of these cities now has a distinct advantage for your Talon to be located there.
Every thing from extra scavenges everyday, to extra mine steps, and faster refills. There is a
new list on the portals page to show you what each area offers and what Talon is the ruling
Talon of that area. If there is no ruling Talon the city will be marked as �Open� meaning the first
Talon to establish itself there will be come the ruling Talon.

How it works

All Talons start in Sanctuary, just like all hatchlings are born in Sanctuary. Once you form
or join a Talon you must wait until that Talon has reached "Warable" Status, meaning enough
members, gold in the Talon vault, and jewels in the Talon vault, before the leader of the Talon
can relocate its base to a new city. You do not however need to wait until the Talon is 31 days
The leader of the Talon has the choice of all twelve locations to move the Talon to. Each
one offers the whole Talon an advantage. Your members do not need to be located in the same
location to get the advantage. They just need to be a member of the Talon. Be careful though, if
there is already a ruling Talon in the area that you wish to locate your Talon too, you will be
made to pay a Tribute for the right to locate there. Also any time you win a war while under the
rule of another Talon 10% of your war spoils goes to the ruling Talon as a tribute.
Kinda make you want to be the ruling Talon doesn't it.

Become the ruler

So you want to be the ruling Talon? Simple. Move your Talon to a location that has no
ruling Talon and you are instantly the ruling Talon. Or.. If you like the city you are in but don�t
want to be under the thumb of the ruling Talon you could challenge them to war, with the winner
taking the title, or keeping the title as it my be, of Ruling Talon. And you so want to be the ruling

The perks

Ruling Talons get all the good stuff.

  • �2,500 in gold Tribute from all new Talons that wish to move to their city.

  • Tribute in the form of 10% of all spoils from every war that every Talon under their rule wins.

  • +1 RP per day just for being the ruling Talon.

  • A seat in the Council Chambers forum where the heads of Ruling Talons along with the heads
    of the Council of Wyrms will discuss the running of Aniari.

Who wouldn't want to be a part of all of that?

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