ManaPot has finally gone F2P

September 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

On 29th September, ManaPot has announced that they went 100% Free-To-Play. There were payments needed to use some skills and actions. To eliminate Pay to Win, ManaPot has removed these restrictions and is now fair to all players. Now for example free players can as well train Agility, Jewel crafting and Thieving in addition free players can visit Agility Shop.

ManaPot free to play

What about existing subscribers?

If you have already bought a premium subscription, do not worry! Some bonuses will still be applied to you. For example +25% experience for training professions and combat. In addition you will get +25% gold if you defeat enemies. 2x more Energy, 50 instead of 25, but everyone can still increase their energy if they train Agility.

As you can see, premium users do get some bonuses, but this is not a huge difference. Make sure you check out what other players have to say about ManaPot HERE.

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