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October 11, 2015 | 1 Comments

Have you ever wanted to create your own old-school text based game, but lacked the resources? If that is the case, your problem has just solved! There is a mobile games developer out there that will create such games for other people and profits will be shared 50/50. So your idea and their solution basically. It will be running on their new game engine and they are looking for some creative people. Interested people should contact the developers first, before mapping out their game in detail, to ensure their idea fits Silver Key's engine.


If you want to create a mobile game, contact the developers: Silver Key Games

Start your own mobile game

Once the developers have approved your idea - start by writing down everything on paper. Don't miss out anything, every single detail should be written down. This way you always have a clear vision for your mobile game. It's never a good idea to change the game completely while you are already creating one. So create a plan and follow it thoroughly. Once your plan is ready and you think it has a unique twist and a bright future, contact the developers and cross your fingers that they will accept creating a game with you. As other people will code your game for you while using your idea - Both sides get equally 50 percent of the game's profits. So this is a win-win situation right here, use this opportunity. This might be the only chance for a mobile game enthusiast to actually build its own game without spending a penny.

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