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April 29, 2017 | 0 Comments

moneygame browser game

MoneyGame is a recently launched free browser-based business simulation game, designed to work both on your desktop and your mobile browser. The game is entirely free, meaning there are no pay-to-win elements and all features are within your reach right from the beginning.

MoneyGame - no pay to win

The economy of the game is fully player-driven. You begin your quest to becoming titled millionaire from the bottom as a mere worker. You can make money by founding and running your own companies as well as investing in floating currencies, resources and company shares through The Exchange. The game features company types ranging from resource production and construction to holding companies and banks, with more being introduced in the future. There are also small gambling games, which may lead the lucky one to sudden wealth. A select (and expanding) set of countries and cities are featured, where you can locate your retail business or rent your own apartment.

An emphasis is placed on the social multiplayer aspect - you can make important trades and contracts with other players by utilizing private messages and the forum.

Join now and begin your business journey in an emerging economy!

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