Nations at Risk Receives Promising Updates

June 15, 2021 | 0 Comments
Nations at Risk

Nations at Risk has been gaining popularity amongst online nation simulation game enthusiasts. It is a browser-based free multiplayer online nation simulation game . So far, this game has delivered promising features and gameplay to the users.

Furthermore, the developers continue to roll out regular updates to make it bigger, better, and more intuitive. The most recent update and quite an extensive one came out on May 17, 2021. However, let us do a quick review of some of the legacy features first.

The Legacy Features on Nations at Risk

First of all, it is a free of cost, slow-paced, browser-based, war-strategy/nation-simulation game; you get to enjoy full-scale multiplayer gameplay.

You will be solely responsible for creating a country of your own and select your government officials. Furthermore, there are features that allow you to build and level up several structures while recruiting an army to attack and conquer your enemies.

You can mould the national politics and how your national parliament operates. Plus, you have to maintain an international reputation in a Planetary Union Organization. You can join an existing alliance or create your own when you sign up for Nations at Risk.

Collaborate with other online players and decide the pathway of war and politics together.

What Make Nations at Risk So Different

If you wonder what makes Nations at Risk a better choice than other alternatives out there, here are some that will be enough to convince you:

  • Nations at Risk is an online, free forever, and multiplayer war-strategy/nation simulation game.
  • You can always opt to purchase a variety of military units and other buildings. You can even level up and organize them in four regions.
  • There is a wide range of in-game characters you can select to lead the virtual county. Each of these characters comes with bonuses specific to them.
  • The game uses the essence of democracy at the core. As a player, you can always initiate a worldwide resolution and/or request a military embargo or action against any other player.
  • There are a decent level of limitation protocols in the game to prevent any multi-account cheating

The Recent Updates in May 2021

The developers of Nations at Risk rolled out the most awaited update on May 17, 2021. Here is a quick summary of what additions and enhancements came in the package.

1. Increased Unit Capacity

The new updates allow military buildings to enlarge the maximum number of units of similar type. Therefore, now your boot camp and barracks will be able to increase the maximum capacity of all infantry units.

You can later decide if you want to recruit these soldiers in defensive or offensive units. For instance, you have a maximum capacity of 2000. Now it is your call to decide what combination you wish to recruit them in all units, such as 900 in offensive and 1100 in defensive, etc.

2. Units Damage Bonuses

Diversity Bonus

There are several bonuses you can earn and up your level in the game. For instance, you will get a diversity bonus if you combine any type of infantry and mechanized units to attack or defend. You will get a 20% increase in your military power for the entire army. For example, you use light tanks and infantry units to fight against a light tank unit of the enemy. In this scenario, your military power will increase by 20% during the attack. So you have a longer lifeline than your opponent. Hence this increases your chances to win.

Other Units Combination Bonuses

Here are some bonuses that the update applies when you use a specific combination of units:

  • Use a Light Tanks and Infantry unit together, and you will receive 15% defending points for both units
  • Use Tank Destroyer unit with Commandos, and you will receive 15% defending points for both units
  • Use Heavy Tanks with Heavy Infantry unit, and you will receive 15% attacking points for both units.
  • Use Super-Heavy Tanks with Marines, and you will receive 15% attacking points for both
  • When you select a “Bombardment Campaign” battle type, only tanks can damage the buildings. If you win, then the chances are that the building will suffer damage.

3. Units States

Now you can organize your units in 3 different states, which are:

  • I. Reserve
    The units that do not play any role in the combat fall in this category. Typically these are the recruits.
  • II. Fortification
    The units you will use in all your defensive battles. 20% defense bonus applies
  • III. Deployment
    These are the units you can use at any time if you wish to attack other nations. However, these units do not participate in defensive battles. You can always transfer troops from one state to another. However, you can do this only once a day.

4. Number of Lost Troops after Battle Reduced

The new update has now significantly reduced the number of lost troops after each level.

5. Military Aid Improved

The new update brought a promising feature where you will receive military aid from the alliance for 100% of your troops. Previously, you could receive military aid of only 20% of your maximum capacity troops before this update came out.

Plus, if you wish to help an ally, you can only use reserves to send military aid units. These units again end up in the reserves once you have sent them.

6. Resources Aid Increased

The resource aid that an alliance can send to its members is now three mills of each resource per day. Furthermore, all units received new stats, whereas the update has reduced the building level per-requisites for units.

Try Nations at Risk Now

Whether you are a novice who has just started exploring the online war-strategy & nation-simulation gaming arena, or a fan of such games, you owe it to your inside gamer to try this addictive war simulation. So sign up for Free and play Nations at Risk.

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