What do you need for the ideal gaming room?

November 02, 2017 | 1 Comments

ideal gaming room

Whether you�re playing a massive next-gen console hit like Destiny 2, or a cool 3D browser
MMORPG title like Titans of Time, you�re going to need to optimise your environment to
provide a gaming experience that�s stress-free, fun and functional.
So we�re not going to get into the debate of whether PC or console gaming is best, but
instead are going look at how everything from monitors and speakers, to even chairs and
bed frames can influence your gaming success.

Obviously the screen is number one priority. And whilst it�s always tempting to say that bigger
is better, it�s important to get the screen to room ratio right. This will not only ensure that you
get an immersive gaming experience, but it will also mean that you don�t miss any action on
the edges of the screen of a first-person shooter.
This screen to room ratio will also be affected by where you sit when you play games. Whilst
most of us are used to an enjoyably decrepit sofa, there�s a growing number of people who
swear by innovative gaming chairs that can really add an extra dimension to the on-screen
But if you�re one of those converts to the Nintendo Switch, you�ll probably have spent plenty
of time playing the likes of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in bed. And this is why it could
be an idea to check out some of the stylish bed frames from Bedstar to make sure that you
get plenty of support for when you are playing on this innovative hybrid gaming device.

Regardless of whether you are playing from a designated gaming chair or the comfort of your
bed, you�ll need to make sure that your speaker set up is optimised to add a layer of
atmosphere to your gaming exploits.
You can now get a pretty good set-up like the Creative Inspire T6300 series of speakers for
under �100 which are perfect for helping horror titles like Resident Evil VII seem all the more
And don�t forget how important lighting is in helping us to create a mood that�s suitable to
gaming. Whilst many of us can sit in our beds in total darkness playing games, it�s
undoubtedly going to do nothing to reduce the risk of us getting some serious eye strain.
All of which shows that whether it�s a buying a comfortable bed frame, or implementing some
cool mood lighting, there are plenty of things we can do to optimize our gaming environment.

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