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April 13, 2015 | 0 Comments

Soccer Manager 2015 has recently upgraded its leaderboards, reward systems and now a new feature allows team managers to manage their clubs even more thoroughly. One of the few games, where you can expect regular updates. Their priority is to create a dashboard for managers to make them feel that they are in control of every detail of their club. That said, new update allows club managers to improve the infrastructure of the club off/on the pitch with only few clicks.

To ensure that you are getting everything out of your club members, make sure you keep your eye on your players skills development and health. To do so, make sure you have buildings like Medical centres, training centres, youth academies and scouting networks. Previously mentioned buildings are the most important factors to ensure your club's success.

2015 Soccer Manager

More updates will be approved soon so keep and eye on our browser gaming news section.

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