New space themed strategy game!

January 06, 2015 | 0 Comments

New text based browser game arrived!

Game called�Sol Source Online�has lot's of potential, but lacks huge community.

Sol Source Online is sci-fi space strategy�game. Currently has a very small community so if you start playing now you can get a good head start!

Sci-Fi space browser game

Registration is simple, no e-mail confirmation is required, just type in info and play.

What features does it have?

  • Tick-Based (1 Hour)

  • 5 Main Resources

  • 3 Races - (Advena, Neo-Idaltu, Genos)

  • 10 Unique fleet ships per class

  • 10+ Structures

  • 9 Planets - Players Location

  • 8 Research Items

  • 3 War Generals - 3 Attacks every 30 minutes

  • In-Game Messaging, News & Colony Reporting

  • Confederations (Teams/Alliances)

  • Precise Economy

  • Player vs. Player Only

This is a promising game and has interesting features, give it a try!
Read more about�Sol Source Online.

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