Rising generals already offline

May 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

They came, they saw, they left is what happened to Rising Generals. While just being a fresh game in a beta state, showing so much hope that it was very unexpected to hear about the game suddenly going offline. Innogames didn't just temporarily pause the development, but instead they gave up on the game for good. Rising Generals was also with mobile support and pretty outstanding graphics with modern visualizing.

Rising Generals closed

One of the reasons for the sudden closing is the fact that they built too high hopes for the game. They promoted it before it came out like it was something that would change browser gaming forever. When players realized it was just another simple strategy based browser game, then the attention dropped and the players started to lose interest. Another reason for the offline state is the fact that the development costs went over the budget, they were trying to bring in too many features.

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