Simcountry mobile app released

March 02, 2016 | 0 Comments

SimCountry mobile app

An App release for Simcountry browser game has been released. Players can install Simcountry into their phones for faster and easier game navigation. Game itself is a rather fun strategy game that is combined with SciFi, but could also bring in few bucks if you invest a lot of time. Although your main goal should not be the few bucks, but rather to enjoy the strategy aspects of the game. They have both free and premium memberships, of course premium membership users have advantages over free users.

SimCountry game Android app

You will run your virtual company and handle the situations that come with it - it actually helps you understand the hard work that is needed to run an actual company. If SciFi and business world is something that interests you, then this game will be a perfect fit.

Simcountry mobile app

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