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May 07, 2015 | 0 Comments

Current version for StreetMobster is 5.3 and they are already working on a new version to improve the gameplay. StreetMobster is also known as BG Mafia and some latest changes will be displayed below.


System balancing and improvements

  • Profile page (Settings) now has the option to not allow game promoting e-mails.

  • New price tags for Avatars, which are divided into three categories (VIP, premium and free).

  • Jailtime dropped from 3 hours to 30 minutes.

  • Attacking NPC's after level 60 will no longer give you any bonuses.

  • Some premium content prices have been reduced.

  • 5 percent increase in apprentices skill experience bonus.

  • Experience bonus has been doubled if you win a fight against another player.

  • Tournament called "Put in hospital" has been resumed.

  • If you win against agent, then you would still get as much stats as winning against agent's owner.

  • After you lose a fight, you will be hidden from other players for 5 minutes, instead of 10 minutes.

  • Time for factory researched has been lowered to 60 minutes, instead of 90 minutes.

  • Player risk will increase by 10, instead of 100 after beating boss in a quest.

  • Added some new factory fragments, which can be found after every half an hour.

New features

  • Game sign-up process has been simplified and takes less time for new players to start playing StreetMobsters.

  • Some factories now have a new feature called "Data Base" to save and transfer their factory progress. You can even unlock production items even if you have not reached the required level.

  • New players will have to level up to see the content in all game menus

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