The future of GTRacer

October 26, 2015 | 1 Comments

GTRacer future

GTRacer has not published large updates lately. This is because the Administrator lacks the time and skills to do so. They are still looking for ways to improve the game so they have started the poll to hear what players have to say for that matter.

How should GTRacer proceed?

  • Find programmers that would volunteer to code for GTRacer.

  • Start a fundraising and hire a programmer.

  • No updates, everything stays the same.

This will decide the future of GTRacer. If by any chance you know programming and wish the help them, make sure you contact them.

In addition they are gathering ideas from players how to improve the game even more. The administrator really wants to make the game more attractive again, for both new and old players.

To take part in this matter and vote in the poll to decide their future, visit their forum.
GTRacer forum

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