The launch of Cluster Hack

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This time we will be looking at this brand new hacking themed MMOG. Since it has been recently developed, it has a modern mobile and tablet support and design, meaning it will adjust to your device to give you the best hacking experience. Unique side of the game is that you can promote your website, if you have one. Yes, you can play and promote your website at the same time, how awesome is that? There aren't many hacking games out there so lets take a thorough look at what Cluster Hack is all about.

The signup process

Cluster Hack registration

There are lots of fields - Maybe even too many, but it won't take over a minute to enter all of the required info. Interesting factor regarding registration is letting the Cluster Hack know about your website (if you happen to have one). So the more powerful you get in-game, the more your website will be advertised, having fun and profit at once. Now to brighten up the signup - NO e-mail activation required! Once information is entered, you are ready to go and start hacking.

First things first

Cluster Hack levels

The game used to be easier and has recently made more difficult to level up so now comes the grinding? No, not exactly, you only have limited AP (Action Points) to use so you need to think hard before you use them. It's a positive thing if a game is not too easy, this way you feel your achievements have a meaning. Each hour you get +1 AP and the max limit of AP is your current level + 15. As a new player everything looks new and confusing. To get on the right path at the beginning, you must start with getting some loot. How? Well to acquire skills and loot you need to do Clustering. There are lots of Clusters available so there is no way you will complete all of them any time soon. There are Cluster difficulty levels and in each level you will find a lot of available Clusters to do.

Your profile

Cluster Hack game

On the left side you have the main features of the game in one spot. There isn't a permanent bar of your stats anywhere so if you wan't to know how you are doing, you need to visit your profile, simply choose "Character" from the left menu. This is where all the general statistics and data about your character is stored. You may also add, delete or change your website information in case you forgot to add it while signing up. NB! You do not NEED a website to play, it is just a bonus for you if you do. Nice clean view of your experience, current level, cluster points, remaining AP and stuff like that.

Scripting feature

Cluster Hack scripts

On the left side you will also notice this feature called "Scripting". This feature is in all honesty a very important side of the game. For example if someone attacks you, you can create a script that will drain more AP from the attacker. You should also try Data Handling - Your can convert codes, but they have their own requirements. As this point you notice that everything in Cluster Hack is scripting and hacking themed.

Keep on clustering

Cluster Hack attacking

As it seems to be the main feature - just keep on clustering and if your AP is out, then meanwhile explore other features and join the chat. Basically the variety of Clusters is very-very wide, with currently 40 levels in difficulty, start from level 0 and slowly raise as your level increases. If you cluster, you will see your opponent and after the battle is ended you can see how much experience you got and maybe even obtained a loot. If you lose too many battles, go down a level, take it slow. If you cluster enough, you will also find yourself in the Hall of Fame list.

CHAT! Be part of the community

Hacking chat

Cluster Hack also has a decent little chat where you can have a laugh or two while interacting with others. If you notice a critical problem with the game, you may also write it in the chat, the crew is usually watching the chat. Chat is an ideal place for a new player as you can ask suggestions or great tips from other players and the crew. Don't let your pride get the best of you, ask the veterans - There are many tips to advance through the game, find out what they are.

Lets wrap it up

Innovative game that doesn't waste much time, since it has limited AP points. Cluster Hack is nevertheless under development so the team appreciates anyone who reports bugs. There are also in-game items to help you level up faster. It is free to play so how do they get their income? They have in-game ads - But nothing annoying! This is all still in a Beta state and takes a while to launch with full potential.
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