The Settlers Online new PVP system

May 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

Main features currently in development are Expedition Progression and Player vs Player ranking systems. Current versions of these features have still numerous important aspects to be dealt with. Hoping players would rather report bugs after these important system releases rather than giving negative feedback or quit playing at all. As a community of The Settlers Online, we have to work together to make the game more enjoyable and up-to-date.

The Settlers Online PVP

Player vs Player rankings system

As we all know, players vs player is a delicate subject in all online games. That said, it was only a matter of time till this feature had to be developed for Settlers Online players. Players like to compete against each other and they also want to know their exact position in PVP rankings.

The rankings page info comes with a few minute delay and is reset every month. Although rankings page do reset, you can still look up previous months rankings statistics. By default the rankings pages shows top ten players and the one looking the rankings page also sees who is below/above current player.

There will also be the option to filter these rankings by country or world wide. Other sorting methods are by efficiency and time.

Progression of expedition feature

Now this is quite useful addition to the PVP, makes it more interesting in a way. If you take part in PVP, then you are rewarded with PVP experience. PVP levels are depending on the number of Expeditions played. There will also be PVP unlocks so you would stay motivated to increase your PVP level. There are lots of unlocks to be discovered and levels are not that easy to get as you may think. On the other hand the PVP progression in-game dashboard is pretty straight forward and not overly confusing.

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