Therian Saga has a new partner

May 18, 2015 | 0 Comments

Developers have release a German version of the game. This is to ensure a wide player-base for the game. There are even other languages support to be expected. They are trying the expand this game as much as they can and they have given all they've got to make it unique. So fat the game looks stunning and the positive side is that it's not yet p2w game, let's hope that won't change. As for the new language support, they have also made a German trailer.

Therian Saga united

After a time consuming process whether to be united or not, Gameforge and Virtys will be now working together with Therian Saga's development. Both sides will benefit from the deal and no further details have been announced. This is nothing to be worried about, this means more developers who will be working towards creating Therian Saga only better. More payment methods will be added and 4 new language versions of the game will be released.

Since Gameforge is a huge company, lots of marketing will be done meaning lots of players can be expected. They will also help with the servers to create a faster network for players. Hopefully they will bring stability to the game and keep it free to play. Gameforge is known to ruin their games with overly premium content, but lets hope it won't happen this time.

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