Top 5 Vampire browser games

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Vampire game niche is a very specific niche, yet widely popular. With vampires you can also expect werewolves, they seem to go hand in hand. These games usually have a dark theme and a fighting mechanism. Players compete against each other to beat the rankings. The more you progress through the game, the more features you unlock in the game. Vampire games are a good way to spend your time for sure. Another good way to make your days more exciting is trying out your luck. Give yourself some excitement and�be sure to�use�heart bingo promotion codes to help you spend your free time during these long empty days. Typically it is a good idea to find a vampire gang or create your own at one point. Big aspect of these games is socializing with other players. The game is as good as the community of it. Let's take a look at some of the best vampire games there are.

5 best vampire BBGs

Feral Clans is the most popular vampire browser game out there, no doubt! This game involves both vampires and werewolves. When you first get into the game you quickly have to make your character stronger to be able to withstand the harsh world that is surrounding you. Do various missions and get a job to start generating income. Use the income to get yourself deadly gear and start taking down other players.

Blood Wars has been out there for ages. This game is most famous for it's wide range of in-game items. In Blood Wars you must take down demons so you can get their special powers to make your character stronger. You can even catch deadly creatures and ambush your enemies. You will have ability points which you can spend to further upgrade your character. Very large playerbase and wide range of in-game mechanisms make this game enjoyable for years.

Immortal Day is a F2P pure fighting browser game which involves more than just vampires and werewolves, it also has Zombies, Hunters and Hybrids. The community is very friendly and extremely helpful towards new players that are looking for help. Immortal Day is a 17+ game so make sure to follow the age restriction. The game gets constant updates even after all these years which shows the passion the developers put into this game.

Bitefight is made by a big corporation called GameForge. You can pick between a vampire and a werewolf and this is the side you are gonna have to stick on. The main goal is to beat other players in every possible way in ranking. This is a game you can play by beating players or by beating NPC's. You should get your hands on some gold to get gear because the fights are brutal. Gain experience to level up your character and unlock new perks. You can get yourself a hideout to protect yourself from other players. This game is multilingual which allows a bigger community.

Reign of Blood is a pure vampire game, no werewolves or other species. RoB is 10+ years old by now and has a loyal playerbase. Very classical text based game approach with rankings as main goal. Can be difficult for new players to get into the game at first, but once you play it for a couple of days - you're hooked! There are difficult competitions and battles that are not easily won. This game does not hold your hand and you must work hard to progress through the game.

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