Torn City "spin the wheel" game

July 04, 2016 | 2 Comments

Awesome wheel spin Torn City

Summer at Torn City brought us some interesting updates. The most important new improvement to the game is Spin the Wheel game. There are three types of spinning wheels: Lame, Awesome, Mediocrity. Their cost and rewards vary and you may spin each wheel one time per day. Wheel of Lame costs 1,000$, Mediocrity costs 50,000$ and Wheel of Awesome costs 1 million $ to spin. The 1 mil wheel may even reward you with a Private Island which costs 500 million. Statistically it is useful to spin the wheels, in the long run you will gain, at least with the current settings.

What else is new?

Tactical stealth system improved. - Stealth was overused and therefore the system has been re-built from scratch in order to make players think strategically.

Torn City Stealth System

Coming soon: Weapon mods - With modifications you can increase your weapin accuracy, critical rate, damage and other attributes.

30 weapon modifications

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