Travian Kingdoms open beta release

May 27, 2015 | 1 Comments

An open beta of Travian Kingdoms has been released. They have also announced a mobile version of the game. Fight with your army and create buildings. Of course since many years have passed since the actual Travian, this version will be with modern design and illustrative visuals.

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Tribes to choose from
There are 3 types of tribes to choose from at the beginning of your account creation. Each type of tribe has its own perks and downfalls. More detailed review of each type below.

Travian Kingdom RomansRomans - Troops for advanced players. If this is your first time trying out Travian Kingdoms, make sure you choose something easier. These units require strategic vision and their training is long and expensive. If you manage to pay the expenses and use strategy, you have yourself a very strong army.

Travian Kingdom TeutonsTeutons - Pure damage units, what they lack in defense, they make up in their attacks. Compared to Romans, this type of infantry is very cheap. Teutons require you to be very active in the game since their defense is low, if you are a warlike player, this is the right choice for your kingdom.

Travian Kingdom GaulsGauls - They are somewhere between Teutons and Romans. Not too civilized and not too animalistic. They are perfect for beginners as they are extremely strong in defense. Army will be very efficient and fast. This cavalry is the easiest to play with, thus perfect to test out the game as your first choice.

Available buildings

The same building management principle applies in both Travian versions. You may upgrade your buildings and thus increasing the building's effectiveness. Various types are Warehouse, Granary, Embassy, Hidden Treasury, Cranny, Smithy, Marketplace, Acedemy, Residence, Stonemason's Lodge, Palace, Grain Mill, Stable, Sawmill, Brickyard, Iron Foundry and so on. As you can see, the list is long and most of the buildings can be upgrades as well so there is lots to do.
Travian Kingdom buildings

Overall the game is as simple as it gets, because at the beginning you don't really have much choices, popups appear, you click them, arrows appear, you click them. So the beginning is quite boring for sure, once the explanatory arrows end, you find yourself actually enjoying the game. This current state of the game is still in BETA mode so don't get frustrated over few bugs, refresh the page if you are stuck and be kind enough to report bugs to Travian developers.

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