After a long break - Undecima is back

March 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

Undecima is back

After a long break, Undecima is back and waiting for new players. If you enjoyed playing Undecima before, then now it's time to give it another try - because a lot has changed. Below you can find a short summary of changes to Undecima before its second launch.

2nd launch

No more Premium Accounts - all players can have access to all game features, which can be only limited by the amount of your resources.

The Game is more dynamic now - you can train troop faster, they move faster on the Map, cost less to train and upkeep, and can haul more resources back home.

There is no more Endgame - instead of winning a Game, you can win a Game Round, the winner will get his or her prize and will be reset after some period, but all other players will just keep playing. There are a few things though to keep competitiveness going.

A new diplomatic relation - Soul Mates, you can have only one Soul Mate in the Game and basically, it is playing the Game together - you win the Game, you Soul Mate wins as well, and the other way around.

There are more challenges in the Game now - starting from Map Level 2, neutral Map Objects can retaliate if you attack and capture any valuables from them.

There is more content in the Game now as well - new places to visit and more things to do around your Town.

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