Video Games: An ongoing debate

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An ongoing debate over video games has been lingering for decades. There are those who believe games are bad for overall health leading to various problems such as poor eyesight or even obesity. In most cases, scientific proof for these claims is still pending, and there also exist people who take the opposite stand by pointing out the benefits of such games. Video games have many practical uses which have been a fundamental part of learning across different age groups. However, in the end, every person is different, and individual characteristics also play an essential role in how they behave and act. More than the actual playing of games, it is the social-economic factors that affect the gamers more. But, just like anything in the world, when you look at the big picture, there are both positive as well as adverse outcomes to playing video games.


For many, it is hard to believe, but video games can be excellent educational tools. There is no doubt that one must limit the use of screen time for kids, but loading up the iPad with a number or alphabet app that teaches via games is a fantastic way to increase their knowledge and keep them busy at the same time. Similarly, games are beneficial for children as they encourage more social behaviour and critical thinking at the same time. Other benefits of playing video games include hand-eye coordination practice and stress relief.



A significant rebuttal against the advantages of gaming is that it can get addictive. While that remains true to an extent, the fact of the matter is that everything is recommended in moderation. Just like various other activities can be harmful if done in excess, extended gaming does have adverse effects on the health of a person. To avoid gaming addiction, whether it is for adults or children, it is essential to limit playing time. It is also pertinent to note that gaming does not affect everyone in the same way. For most people, it is a medium of entertainment that involves skills and a chance to immerse themselves in the gameplay.


It might seem unusual to many, but gaming and gambling have gotten together like fish and water. With advancements in gaming, gambling has become a part of the system in a rather subtle manner. As is the case with any debate, the critics believe that this has made it easy for anyone to bet and can lead to other issues that are related to gambling on the whole. However, on the flip side, some professionals and amateurs can enjoy the benefits of gaming and gambling in the comfort of their home in this unorthodox way. The more questionable addition that has become common now is paying actual money to buy upgrade packs in games. But a more traditional version is also possible where punters can place bets on Esports very much like any other sporting event, adding to the excitement that surrounds professional gaming.

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