Why are idle games so popular

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There are so many idle games out there and the amount keeps growing every day. They are usually humor related, such as Doge Miner in which you'll notice that the whole game is Doge meme related. And of course the famous Trump idle game where your goal is to earn Billions. You can also find idle RPGs for example Dungeon Clicker where you level your character, get better items and raid the dungeons. If you like getting results without real efforts, you can play idle games or�Spin and win promo code 2019�to test your luck or to fight with boredom. Similar game called Goblin Treasure Hunt uses the same principle, except you don't hunt for monsters, you hunt for treasure chests to find gold. More popularity are gaining Seasonal idle games, for example Idle Christmas, which is pretty relaxing and gets you into Christmas spirit pretty fast.

What exactly are seasonal idle games

They are rather short games to get you into the right mood. The game concept is funny, you have to click on a cow to milk it and each time you get a certain amount of milk. Obviously the faster you click, the more milk you get, but that's not really the point of the game actually. You must get all the unlockable upgrades that automatically improve the milk for you. The game is few years old now, but each Christmas this game's popularity blows off the charts. The most popular seasonal game screenshot below:

What are the best RPG idle games

The short answer is this: Dungeon Clicker, Hero Simulator and Epic Creature Hunter. These are top 3 by popularity.

Dungeon Clicker�sure takes the first place since it's one of the first RPG type idle games to come out.�The artwork is so minimalist and stunning that it just draws you in. Countless monsters, which get stronger and stronger by each step you take further into the dungeon. You must keep and eye on your damage potions, because when you fight a boss, you most likely need to take one in order to kill it. There are also money potions that increase 25% of your drop rate so you can get more upgrades for your characters. You can fight with total 7 players against 1 or multiple creatures. Lots of different skills that you must use strategically. Overall the game is quite long and it's easy to lose track of time when playing it - which is exactly the point of the game.

Hero Simulator�wanted to take this a little further, including more thorough RPG elements into it.�Like in typical RPGs, your character has a title, depending on your progress and achievements. You can lean various skills like Crafting, Mining, Blacksmith, Alchemy,�Jewelry and so on. Your ultimate goal is to increase the level of you character. Get better equipment and armor and fight for experience.

Epic Creature Hunter�is 3rd on the list, but not far behind.�Is a rather simplistic one and can be completed the fastest of the 3. You gather gold, hunt a certain monster. Once you feel like you beat him quite easily, you just move on to the next creature and grind until you can repeat moving forward.�This game is rather perfect if you're studying or working, meaning if you have very limited time to concentrate on the game.

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