xNova Online code giveaway

April 24, 2015 | 1 Comments

xNova Online is still in Beta state. The main features currently under a development are alliance wars and trades. Upcoming updates will add a 2d view to the galaxy, soon(tm).
Everyone can test out the game and get a free resource pack with the giveaway code.

Code giveaway for resources

  • 10,000 metal

  • 10,000 crystals

  • 10,000 deuterium

  • 25,000 dark matter

  • 2,500 anti matter

Giveaway code: newrpg17

xNova Online giveaway code

Notes from a developer about the game itself

It's a little slower than most of the games with a similar style. But fast enough so there is always something you can do. I'm mainly focusing on making the web version more stable before releasing an app. But it's definitely something i've been looking at.
- Developer Zetix -

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