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May 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

This is actually xNova's weekly updates routine announcement. The coding of the game is not that great yet, there is lots to do and still some bugs to be fixed. Although some events will be launched to brighten up your weekends.

After scanning the code for few weeks to see whats what, I came to this - I want to cry, that simple. While the code is not THAT bad, the fixing won't start after few weeks.
- xNova developer -

Volunteers needed

xNova is in need of volunteers who would help with the Chat system and to control the whole xNova community as well. Volunteers would basically run the whole main server. Make sure you contact Catles through xNova's in-game mail system if you wish to apply. While the job itself wont pay, it will be fun and interesting. The only real requirement for applicants is that they would need a high English grammar knowledge.


This weekend instead of x1000 prod speed event which was planned, the has been a little correction. No worries tho, good news, the correction will mean that the prod speed will be doubled, now it's set to x2000 instead. Official event starting from 00:00 Friday.


Since the code has a lot of flows at the moments, some bugs are to be expected. For example overview takes too much time to fully load. This flaw will be the main priority in bug fixing so you can expect this to be working soon. Of course other bugs like fleets getting stuck will be fixed right after that. Order of the bug fixing depends on how important the bug is.


As you already know, voting for xNova will give you rewards, but only 1 voting reward is actually working and even that reward amount is wrong. Some new voting sites will be implemented soon, that give the opportunity to check if the voting has been validated or not. Now for the false reward amount - Since the code is flawed, it will take some time to correct this mistake, but it will get attention soon.

Since in the past few weeks the code has been overlooked, it's time to make a reboot without losing any of the player's progress. This means a Legacy server will be created for the current server.

Before you think "No No No... legacy servers are no good" which although is right. This is why the next decision will be decided by players. If you like the idea or hate the idea, let admins know about it. Contact them using the support system or PM them or even write in the chat. So to wrap it up, the question is "Should there be a multiserver or not?"

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