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If you ever doubt yourself, always feel free to as your question in help or ask @distructor directly in the general.

Also if there is something you don't understand in the game's complicated mechanics always be on the lookout for the question mark at the very top of the game's header, if it's there it should give you a better understanding of the page you are currently standing at.

You can invite people to this discord server using the following link:

Tons of daily updates / fixes are done.

Also don't hesitate to state your mind, maybe your opinion on a feature you think is better done your way, which might sometimes be true.

Referrals are implemented, in order to get the rewards for referring someone, you just have to let them register through a special link:{yourID}, you only have to change the {yourID} to your own ID and it shall direct them to the correct place, you get $250k and 250pts ingame! Just don't forget to always be aware when the referral is accepted since the bonus payout will be handed to you and it's muggable.

Feel free to drop your suggestions at suggestions.

And please do report all the bugs in bugs-and-reports.

Thank you for being awesome, and enjoy MafiaBlood to it's fullest.

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