AD2460 is a real-time sci-fi browser game. Take control of your own planet. Develop and produce special ship-types and create fleets of ships to conquer the galaxy together with other players within your alliance. Prepare your attacks, set your tactics and watch as battles unfold with fully animated visuals. Gain experience through single-player missions and claim resource planets to enrich your homeworld and increase your power. Specialise in one of three technologies to unlock the most awesome ships. Enjoy a great community with live-chats and great community features. AD2460 is frequently updated with new content and functionality.

275 votes, average: 4.47 out of 5 275 votes, average: 4.47 out of 5 275 votes, average: 4.47 out of 5 275 votes, average: 4.47 out of 5 275 votes, average: 4.47 out of 5 (275 votes, average: 4.47 out of 5)
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38 comments on “AD2460

  • Mothman says:

    Awesome game

  • Spinner @ AD2460 says:

    This coming Saturday, Cycle IX of AD2460 begins.
    You can find 3 nice articles explaining the changes here:
    Part 1 :
    Part 2 :
    Part 3 :

    Or you can go crazy and read the full change-log here:

    Hope to see you in the game this weekend!

  • Anonymous says:

    I've been playing it for more than a week and these are my thoughts:
    - They e-mail your password in clear text.
    - The login page does not have a secure connection.
    - The community is OK.
    - But if you're from a poor country expect to be called names.
    - The chat system enforces annoying censorship that interferes with communication.
    - The game is discouragingly broken.
    - The developers care about none of the above.

    • Chairman AD2460 says:

      Hi - and thanks for your feedback. I will try to comment on your thoughts:
      – They e-mail your password in clear text.
      Yes we do - but you are free to change it once you have loged in. We will never email you your chosen password - only those that are autogenerated when signing up or when resetting your password
      – The login page does not have a secure connection.
      That has been updated. It is now https
      – The community is OK.
      I am happy ypu think so
      – But if you’re from a poor country expect to be called names.
      If we see any bad behaviour in the chat or the game we do take action.
      – The chat system enforces annoying censorship that interferes with communication.
      The systems auto-cencsorship unwanted words - most of these are 4 letter words that is not wanted in a public chat channel
      – The game is discouragingly broken.
      I am sorry to hear you feel it this way. Most of the other players are of the opposite impression
      – The developers care about none of the above.
      That is absolutely wrong - we care a lot and do our best to make AD2460 as good as possible for as many as possible

      • Scooby says:

        Heh, I like the last bit "The developers care about none of the above." and then AD2460 personally replies to all of his/her answer, Respect!
        As for the Anonymous, rather than bash the game, why not directly write to game admins to get your issues with the game fixed.

  • srobi says:

    Good game worth to try it. Building and research takes a lot time even in the firts steps so be patient.

  • Little Dragon says:

    AD2460 is absolutely awesome. The interface was a bit hard to get used to, but I am now addicted. Think of it as a simulation of what it would be like to rule a planetary nation in a galaxy of many dangers. You don't get to build colonies like in other Sci-Fi browser MMOs, mainly you control "Outposts" which are basically resource farms. It reminds me of Stargate.

  • Len Peat says:

    The Game is a sleeper, "Should not be played while driving".
    Put me thru too the Deregulator.

  • KnightKlein says:

    Though I am extraordinarily new to the game (around an hour and a half in), I can already tell it has incredible depth and complexity. It's got a plethora of options, although it also provides a useful newbie tour which guides you through the basics (which I have already completed). It has an alliance system- similar to EVE Online's corporations from what I can tell. It really is an amazing game.

  • Tom says:

    I've been looking for a long time for a space-based 4X game that's not a transparently pay-to-win money sinkhole. In other words, I wanted to find a sci-fi version of Illyriad: a serious game with committed and responsive developers, an active and helpful community, and great mechanics that I can play on any device and that can adapt to a busy lifestyle as a working family man.

    AD 2460 is it. The community is great, and seemingly growing (albeit slowly, based on my anecdotal observation over the last 7 days or so since I've started playing). The alliance I joined has been particularly helpful in pointing me in the right direction regarding what to focus on etc.

    Research, development, production, facilities upgrades etc. take a long time - a feature, not a bug, and perfectly suited for not having a lot of time to babysit my account. Best of all, they can't be sped up with "crystals" or "gems" or any of the other crap P2W games push on their customers.

    Battle, resource, production etc. mechanics are all terrifically done IMHO. Perfect? Hardly; the community frequently makes suggestions for changes/improvements/rebalances. There are frequent patches and updates, and the devs actually listen to the folks who play the game.

    I could go on, but to sum it up: 99% of the browser-based genre will (1) become boring and repetitive after the first few days (or even hours), and (2) will become an inevitable money pit if you want to succeed.

    AD 2460 is the exact opposite: about a week into it, I'm getting deeper into the game and MORE intrigued and excited about its features, not less.

    And the only things the in-game "credits" you can buy with real money are good for are purely cosmetic changes. They cannot impact the game meaningfully at all. Oh, and you can also "win" with them. No, really: if you go to Options, there is a "Pay to Win" option. By clicking on the "Win" button, you pay 1 credit and "win" the game. It's a nice tongue-in-cheek jab at the prevailing business model in the browser/mobile genre.

    Give it a whirl!

  • Chris Frost says:

    The last scifi browser game I played got closed, so was looking for a new one. Tried this out since it gets generally good ratings. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by so many options and text to read.
    To be honest I was already thinking of not giving it a shot. Thankfully I took the effort to play through the tutorial missions though and got the hang of the game faster than I thought at first.

    Btw that game has no Paytowin elements and the community is in general quite helpful. A rare thing nowadays in my experience.

  • Hongoa says:

    Wonderful all around galactic mmo!

    The community is extremely supportive and the most impressive part of the game to me. Often when I'm playing at least a couple of the developers are also playing and answering questions and taking comments.

    Because the game is a "run in the background online" mmo it's often nice to have good people to chat with as you tweek your resource income, raid someone's outposts for that little resource boost, or continue building up your fleet for that next big heart-wrenching moment when you send days worth of building spaceships to clash with what you hope is good intel on the perfect target.

    Beautiful, not hard to navigate interface. The game has a bit of a learning curve, a lot of text to sift through to pick the right tech tree, development route, etc. but that's where the kind family of players and the alliance you'll probably join pretty quickly to be a little safer really shine.

    Highly recommend giving it a shot if you have any love of building up a balanced world dependent on large clashes of space warfare!

  • Bugfoot says:

    Great game, quite addictive in fact! Love the fact there is no pay to win. Community is great, although right now it could use some more players :)

  • Kiro says:

    It is a very neat browser game, one of the sleekest I have tried. While the game is already good, it has potential for more and I think the best is yet to come.

  • Silverflyer says:

    Well i started 4 day ago and i really like so far. The sound problem seems to like so i have none and yes i checked the in-game settings and i have no sound in battle or the star-map. But its good without as well but maybe a odd space sound for the overall game would be cool but not necessarily needed.

  • Adapt says:

    Amazing game love it

  • Fr0z3n says:

    One of few games where you can play for more than 7 days without getting recked...
    Most games like this = pay some cash and win.
    Here everyone stands equal. No boosts. No shortcuts. Good community and awesome combat simulator. Never been more excited of looking at small beams going across the screen :D

  • Steven says:

    Game is relatively entertaining.

  • bulnamja says:

    I think its a very good game, but I can see that, like any game, it is certainly not for everyone, even those who like the space combat gender of games…Eve it is not.

    I tried it and I am having fun. I suggest anyone who played masters of Orion might like this game. (they are similar in some respects but are not exactly alike by any means). try it and have fun.

    Good Hunting

  • The Wolfman says:

    The creators have created a good game, it's just a shame that it is being ruined by the big allainces Honorverse, Rock & 404-no alliance found, who seem hell bent on bashing the smaller alliances into the ground. Well when it goes free2play they will have more victims to bash. When my credits run out I will not be signing up again.

    • The Wolfman says:

      What really sucks about the game is that even though you get grace after a battle, your attacker has robbed most of your resources so you can't rebuild you fleet straight away, then the same attacker will usually come back after you come out of grace to kill the rest of your fleet, even though your outside the top 50 in a small allaince, those within the top 15 continually bash you till eventually you don't care anymore about the game, atleast when it's free2play the top 10 bashers will have more victims to rape, I hope spinner can sort the game out so it becomes as popular as planetarion, but at the moment it isn't as good as planetarion in my opinion.

  • Hayley Doran says:

    Great game. Very enjoyable for everyone. Patience is required as upgrades take a while but it's still 1 of the best games I've played in my 25 years of gaming. An absolute must-play and a well-earned 5-star rating

  • Nacho_OuZo says:

    Great game. Nice to play. No hardcore playing needed. You can play like you wish :-)
    Also very nice help full community and battles are fun to watch. The developers also listening to their member base which is not common sense!

  • Cainor says:

    Certainly a game to try out with the constant development which is going on making the game better and better. Joining an alliance is a must to be able to enjoy it, soloplay is not worth your time and lets be honest is lame in the first place ;p

  • Thomas says:

    I must admit, it was a bit complicated at first, and confusing, but I enjoy the experience.
    I can't seem to give it any rating-score in here though.

  • yandi says:

    this game worth a try and also cheap compare to other monthly subscription fee games. one thing and most important thing i like about this game is the community, very helpful, very warm, almost like playing with my RL friend.

  • Snowmongers says:

    This is by far the best browser game I've tried. Using my phone when commuting and have had a good time with this game and community since it started last year. Recommended.

  • Little big droggy says:

    Best games doesn't not only blow you away with its features or gameplay, but also gives you a sense of belonging, which apparently AD2460 does a lot.

    Best thing about the game is the nice little community that is there with-in each alliance. You kinda feel like you're among RL friends when you get online. someone always backs you up. :)

    Choose the right alliance(some are just evil) to enjoy this game. Seeya on the flipside :-)

  • OrangePeel says:

    This game is a lot of fun. It may look intimidating to begin with, but once you get on with it you quickly get a grasp of things; but it's far from easy! The game is full of challenges and developing a good startegy is very important to succeed as the combat system is pretty diverse with many differnt aspects to keep in mind. To all new players: join an alliance as quickly as possible. They will be able to help you get started and give you advice, plus it's really social. In fact, the entire community of AD2460 is really nice and pleasant. It's definetly a game worth looking into.

  • Tyriel says:

    I was skeptical at the start not really being into browser games. But i decided to try it since this game is made by the same guys who made Planetarion, and as a kid i remember thinking that looked super cool but i never had the opportunity to play it.

    And im so glad i did, this game is a lot of fun, 3 distinctly different techs(races) to choose from whit a number of uniqe ships for each one. Something that makes creating the correct fleet composition a entertaining challenge.

    I would strongly suggest that anyone who decides to check the game out join an alliance. As alliances can give its members uniq benefits like being able to use your allys fleet to attack or defend your homeworld. Plus the more experienced alliance members can help you get started and explain what to do and what not to. Plus alliance are social.

    If you contact me in game ill get you an invite to Dark Titans. Come join the fun :)

  • Bullbars says:

    Good game , looking forward to playing it for years to come.
    Visuals during attacks are stunning
    I will definitely renew my subscription

  • Parokyne says:

    Finally a game that chooses to give a role to the brain rather than credit card.

  • Bluto says:

    Great battle system, playing this for 5 months, can't put it down.

  • snoopeh says:

    very fun game, been playing since the beta and will continue to play for years to come im sure.

  • volume10 says:

    Nice developers, nice community and promising game! Try it! :)

  • Williams says:

    The game is good and fun, there is a new open dev beta server running that has new exciting features coming. This game is definatly worth a try.